Glo modular light panels

Life just got brighter.

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What is Glo?

Glo is a company that sells a new, inventive, and modern system of modular lighting. Combining bright LED lights and magnetic connection technology, Glo light panels encourage you to reinvent your living space.
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Brighten your life.

Not only are Glo panels completely customizable, but the natural light emitted has been proven to decrease depression and improve energy levels.
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Read how Glo's modular light panels can brighten your life in just a few minutes.
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Glo modular light panels

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How It Works

Each Glo pack comes with a control module and power cord. Start by assembling and plugging in the base panel.
Next, connect your lights using Glo's innovative magnetic strips. Panels connect on every side, let your imagination run wild!
Use the Glo remote to choose from over 10 million colors. With everything set up, brighten your life with Glo!

Learn more about Glo

Glo seeks to provide its customers the upmost satisfaction with our products. Our unique modular light panels give customers the opportunity to customize their space and brighten their life! Go to our about page to watch our commercial, see our team, and read about how we give back to the community.

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